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Welcome to our registration demo website. This is a simple example on how registration works and how you can have a single page or multiple page protected on your website.

Page 1 on this website is protected. Try to get in and you will see you do not have access.
Please register for access for this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is perfect. You can register for the event and your login will give you access for the live stream page, and any other pages you want to protect.

You will see “Forgot Password” on the login. Click this and you will be asked to re-enter your email address which you used for registration. You will be re-sent a password to your email address. Enter this and you are in!

We can create the email registration section so only the company email address can be used registration, so general email addresses other than “@yourcompany.co.uk” can not be used. This ensures that only users within the company are registered. We can also on request remove people from the registration and provide you with a list of everyone who has joined.

Yes this is very common. Many companies just want a page or pages password protected with no registration. It is very popular for a page to be locked and then the company will email all the people they want to visit the page an invite with a login and password, this could be for a live stream to a new product launch with only the invited having the login.

Yes of course. Anytime you want an update on on how many people have registered, or if you want a list of all those registered then just ask and we will get the information sent.

It is very rare, but depending on your security settings on your email we recommend checking your spam/junk folder.